Benefits of Automated Warehouses

induced draught fansThe automated warehousing which might be adapted partly or completely for distribution center operation will provide several benefits like space savings, reduced building costs, enhanced productivity, more effective material flow, less people, safer operations, reductions in inventory, improved reliability, decreased running costs, good ROI, and low life cycle cost.

The automated warehousing systems will improve the effective flow of materials in a manufacturing facility or distribution center. By incorporating the system with production materials managing systems, raw materials, tools, parts, work-in-process, and finished goods, it can all be effectively delivered to where they are needed in less time.

Few benefits of Automated Warehouses are:

  • Improves management of products
  • Decrease and provides accurate records inventory
  • Increases labor productivity
  • Decreases over handling of products
  • Improve productive capacity of present floor space
  • Decrease product damage caused due to multiple handling, location errors and shrinkage
  • Makes all products visible
  • Utilizes less energy compared to other systems
  • Needs less maintenance
  • Increases response time to customer demands
  • Improves reporting and communication