Applications Of Mobile Barcodes

Mobile barcodes are similar to that of a typical barcode, but they are created to be used by mobile phones. Mobile barcode technology was first evolved and used in Japan, which has  extremely improved direct marketing impact on brands, advertisers, mobile carriers, handset manufacturers and publishers. 2D mobile barcodes are mostly used for direct response, multimedia marketing and promotional campaigns.

Few applications of mobile barcodes are:

  • Loyalty programs
    • Mobile coupon
    • Mobile discount card (consisting of both issue of mobile-only cards and duplication of  current plastic cards)
    • Mobile flyer
  • Commerce
    • Transportation tickets (train tickets, air tickets)
    • Tickets for different events (concerts, shows, musicals, performances, parties, sport events)
    • Gift certificates
  • Access cards in admission systems
  • Payment receipts
  • E-documents
    • The customer can select between two options of delivering barcodes to subscriber phones. They are normal barcodes which can be easily copied and delivered to other phones and copy-protected barcodes. We can generate and deliver to subscriber phones both normal one-dimensional barcodes and two-dimensional barcodes which enables encoding and entering into an ordinary phone screen of nearly 400 symbols of any information.