Impact Of Drug Addiction On Heart

Heart problems are very common among drug users. Especially, speed and cocaine can generate shooting pains around the heart when taken. This pain is generated by blockage of the blood vessels around the heart which supply the heart with oxygen. A inadequacy of oxygen in the heart can result in shooting pains. When the effect of the drugs is terminated, the blood vessels stretches again (generally after two hours) and the pain vanishes.

But, there are several other aspects which can cause chest pain. For instance, a panic attack, which is the very common consideration of chest pain in young people, particularly if speed or cocaine are used, and even if stopped taking drug. Ecstasy is also been identified to cause heart problems. The symptoms of a panic attack can be hyperventilation, palpitations (fast or irregular heart beat), shivering in the fingers and around the mouth, chest pain and anxiety of dying.

Sometimes, the intake of speed and cocaine damages the blood vessels around the heart permanently, but this is observed very rarely. The best way to avoid heart problems caused due to drug use is to terminate using all drugs. A drug rehab program helps to terminate the addiction.