How to Improve Communication Skills at Home?

Communication is the mechanism that we use to establish and modify relationships. The ability to communicate effectively is important in education, work and relationships. We can develop good communication skills at home also by speaking in English with family members.

  • Talk to each other with simple conversation. Advanced communication skills develop with simple interactions.
  • Think and have the courage to say it.
  • Be a good listener. Listen what your spouse or son or daughter says. Develop good and effective listening skills.
  • Speak softly and slowly when you are alone or close to anyone and speak louder when you are in a group or at larger distance.
  • Make eye contact whether you are speaking or listening. Because eye contact conveys interest, encourages the opposite person and makes the interaction more successful.
  • Share everything either good news or bad news which makes you to trust each other in even difficult situations.
  • When your child speaking with you pay full attention to her speaking and give her sufficient time to complete her conversation. Don’t interrupt her by over correcting the sentences. Repeat the words once in a while which show them you are listening. Ask questions just by hearing the situation because this is the best way to get the problem solved.
  • Make it a habit to read a good book or a comic book with your kids before bed time.
  • Appreciate or praise your children for talking, so that they develop more confidence and interest to speak in English for the next time.

By doing these, you can develop communication skills at home and it makes you face the real world with confidence.