Why People Use Steroids?

Medically, anabolic steroids are used for many purposes, like:

  • Energizing protein metabolism in exhausting illness and in critical renal failure.
  • Increasing growth in children suffering from pituitary dwarfism and other growth problems.
  • The withholding of nitrogen and calcium will help patients suffering from Osteoporosis and patients experiencing steroid therapy
  • Activating bone marrow function in hypoplastic anaemia

But, when steroids are abused, they cause serious side effects. Athletes and body builders mostly abuse steroids in order to increase their strength, stamina, speed, and body size. They generally use steroids to reduce the amount of time required for recovering (refreshing) between bouts (course) of exercise. This makes trainees to exercise more number of times and more intensely, without straining the body’s ability to adapt or over-training.

After some period of time, the gland, which is capable of the natural production and release of the hormone, deteriorates in steroid users. As steroids (artificial hormones) are present in more amounts in the bloodstream, it transmits signals to organs and tissues, similar to natural hormones. Therefore glands become weak if not used.