Importance Of Tests In Hiring

Tests play a major role in assessing the candidate abilities and skills in the hiring process. There are different types of tests that can be conducted in the hiring process. Tests are commonly categorized based on what they measure.

  • Cognitive (mental) ability test: These tests are general intelligence tests as well as aptitude test. In this type of tests the verbal comprehension, reasoning ability, memory and numerical ability will be checked. This test will also check the job related abilities and skills. The job in management consulting firm requires lots of thinking. The results of cognitive ability test have very high correlation with job performance.
  • Achievement test: Achievement test measure what a person has learned either in college or in the job. Achievement tests provide a professional credential (passing the bar exam or getting certified) and are administered not by the prospective employer but by a professional organization
  • Personality test: Tests of personality and interests tend to cover attitude, motivation, conscientiousness, and agreeableness (these are all defined psychological terms). Many companies conduct this type of tests for managerial position.