Importance Of Barcoding At Airports

Barcode System is employed at almost all airports in the world to increase the efficiency of sorting of baggage (belongings of passengers) and prevents the risk of missing of luggage. The new technology in barcode system has very high scan rates, when combined with a tilt-tray sorter. The installation and maintenance costs of barcode systems are very low, and also has the facility to track and record barcode scanner performance.

These automation systems are also known as baggage handling systems and it consist of a barcode system, which allocates different and unique barcode to baggage and provides separate identities, which can be easily traced at the click of mouse.

Barcode System helped in decreasing degree of lost baggage at the airports worldwide which in turn reduced the rate of customer troubles. Baggage is arranged on a conveyor, which is assigned to a particular flight. Many Conveyor belts are present all over the terminals based on the area of the airport. The baggage automation systems will immediately figure out the selected location of the baggage and then deposits the luggage over there. This process is carried out with the help of barcode tags fixed over each baggage that is read by the scanner. Then the machine understandable data conveys to automation systems, what action should be done with baggage and to which location it should be deposited.