Commemorating the Sink of Queen Elizabeth

It was one of the sad days of the history of the ocean where a great ship named after a great Queen sunk at a harbor which was also named after another great Queen.

On January 9th, 1972, the greatest British Ocean liner ever in the history sank near at Queen Victoria harbor of Hong Kong.

I don’t know if it is some coincidence, but the name of the ocean liner was Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth was launched along with the start of World War II on 1938 September 27th. It started working as a troop carrier for the World War II, along with the Queen Mary, another ship.

It was on 1946, October 16th that the Queen made her first passenger trip. And from then on it helped millions of passengers to cross Atlantic Ocean safely.

With 1,031 feet length and 233 feet height, the ship was a sailing giant, I must say. The capacity of the ship is 2,283 passengers along with its 1000+ crew.

It retired in 1968 and then was sold to a Shipping tycoon of Hong Kong named CY Tung.

And one day, fire broke on its deck mysteriously and it sank into the ocean.