What are the Signs or Symptoms of Smoking Marijuana?

Most teenagers use marijuana as they think it is safe and easy to use. They use it either by smoking or by mixing it in any other drink or food they eat.

A person can be noticed or identified easily if they use it or not. Many signs or symptoms can be seen in the persons who uses marijuana. They will feel difficulty in thinking, learning, concentrating, coordinating. They are unable to understand things around. They will react highly and uncommonly for silly things. Their eyes get turned red. Their moods quickly swing.

In many cases, users want to be alone and they don’t want to participate in social groups, sports or they even cease them completely. Students’ performance will gradually decline and sometimes they drop out from schools or colleges. The users may change their friends group and not supposed to interact with the old ones. They will appear lazy and drowsy.

The symptoms may include increase in the heart rate, distorted sensory perceptions, hallucinations, delusions, finding difficulty to resist using marijuana.

Infections and illness regarding respiratory organs, lungs, neck, throat if marijuana is used for long time or abused in overdose. It doesn’t mean that every marijuana user will be a cancer patient but the risk of increasing danger is more because marijuana is a dangerous drug which includes 400 or more chemicals related to cancer.