Better Facilities for Maricopa Country Jail

Some country jails do not even have necessary facilities. Recently during a case, an argument about facilities of Maricopa country jail occurred and after listening to the arguments judge ordered better conditions for jail.

Judge has ruled that the conditions in Maricopa jail run by the controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio are unhealthy and should be changed. Some of the actions in jail were unconstitutional as said by ruling, the court stated that inmates had a constitutional right to be given space for outdoor recreation and should be kept at a reasonable level of health.

The jail official should ensure about all detainees should receive necessary medical and mental health care and should be given uninterrupted access to all medicines prescribed by correctional staff. The detainees should be given access to toilets, sinks, toilet paper and soaps, they should serve food which meets or exceeds the U.S Department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines.

Despite of all this, Arpaio claimed his victory and in contradictory stated that only minor changes, he has taken this judgment as only recommendation but not as an order.

The Legislations should make certain rules and regulations for jail, to maintain basic facilities and it should necessary actions if any one fails to maintain the facilities.