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Know all About Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening is growing plants indoor whether it is a home or office. Growing plants indoor have many advantages. These are commonly grown for decorative purpose, positive psychological effects and health reason such as purification of indoor air.

Plants suitable for indoor gardening
Indoor plants include areca Plant, golden emerald plant, rubber plant, mustard plant, aloe vera, boston fern, clivia mimata and phalaenopsis.

Steps for planning indoor gardening
miniature gardenSelection of plant
Just like outdoor gardening, huge number of plants are available for growing in indoor. Choose the plant you would like to grow. After choosing, decide how you are going to plant. This means either by seeding or getting clippings from the another plant. Make sure that you get the base of the clip. Then soak the clipping in soil mixed with water to take roots. This will take two weeks to bear roots. Then the plant is ready for placing in pot.

Selection of containers
It is the time for the selection of containers for growing plant. As you are growing plants in indoor, you can use traditional pots, plastic bottles or old vases. Container selection also plays major role if you grow indoor plant for decorative purpose. Don’t use containers that are treated with chemicals as it may kill the plant. Put holes in the bottom of the container to allow drainage.

Half of the Container should be filled with gravel and remaining with a nutritious soil. Then dig the soil to place the plant and push the soil around the roots to cover them.

Selection of location
Select the place which satisfies the requirements of sunlight and temperature for indoor plant. The requirements of indoor plant includes adequate sunlight, humidity, temperature, soil. Place the plant near the window so that it gets the sunlight through the window. Never keep the plant near fan or air vent as it dries out the plant and causes damage to it. Don’t place the plant in cold areas as it slow down the growth of plant or it can kill plant.

Maintain your plants
Once planting is completed, it is necessary to maintain your plants by ensuring that the plant is getting adequate sunlight, water, nutrients and maintaining adequate temperature in the soil.

Watering the plant is a difficult task as we should set reminder for ourselves daily. It is an advise to have drip system. It allows a series of tubes to each plant. Set timer, so that it allows water to each plant in a particular period in each day.

Soil heat mats should be placed in the bottom of the container and regulate the temperature of the soil. Although plant can be provided with lighting through sunlight, it is necessary to provide lighting to the indoor plants. It can be done by using heat lamps. Nutrients can be provided to the plant by incorporating fertilizers once in every two or three months.

How to Design a Deck in Your Garden Landscape?

Are you interested in outdoor living? Need some space for spending your time in your outdoor? Then, the deck is the best place for you. This deck is the perfect area for the patio was you could have an option of outdoor living. You will have different options, designs and sizes available for construction of the deck. His article helps you in choosing the best deck and constructs it in your garden for outdoor living.

Steps to design a deck in your garden yard or landscape
miniature treesChoose the design and location of your deck:
Before you move for the construction of the deck, the first thing you have to do is selecting the location of the deck. Location of the deck in your garden can be near a swimming pool and it should be as an extension of your home. These are mostly on the backside of your home. The size and shape of the deck depends on the budget that you can spend on it. The design that you choose should also match with your garden yard. For great appearance, you can choose a curved deck and a natural look to your garden landscape. The style that you choose should be appropriate that can be simple or elaborated.

Surface of your deck:
If you need a permanent deck that lasts long then go with the stone options otherwise wood will fit in the small amount of budget. Therefore, the choice is yours. However, though you move for wood you should take the help of stones, concrete, composite for construction of the deck. So, choose the one that fits in your budget.

Pool or bathtub in your deck:
If you are planning for a large deck then, you can also construct a small pool or bathtubs in your deck. If you are planning for those then the deck needs a privacy place for construction. Therefore, it is better to construct the deck on your back yard of the garden.

Construct the deck:
Once, you have planned all those that are necessary in your deck the, start constructing you deck with all the materials gathered at one place. Take the help of the builder for construction and give him suggestions as per your requirements. Once construction is over then you will have to move for maintenance.

Maintain it well:Miniature Gardening
If you have a pool or bathtub constructed in your deck then, it requires regular maintenance to keep the surface of the deck clean and neat or whatever you have in deck should be maintained well. Maintenance makes your deck long lasting. Think about the maintenance also before you move for the construction.

These are the few simple steps or tips for building or constructing a deck in your garden landscape. Deck in your garden will give you fresh air so that you can spend your leisure time over there.

Decorating Your Guest Room

Guests are people who you welcome without hesitation. You make sure that you could give them the best. When it comes decorating a room for guests, you consider a separate room for them. Guest room interior should have a welcoming atmosphere, thereby making the guest feel more relaxed and comfortable. It should be a room that can make them feel special. Decorate the room keeping in the mind their comforts and requirements so that the time spent with you in your house will be memorable for them. In this article, we will discuss things that you should consider when decorating the guest room in your home.

Furniture for guest room: Arranging and setting the furniture in a proper way can make your guest stay more comfortable. Buying a sofa cum bed for the guest room is a smart choice for saving floor space. Place it in a way that it does not need to move when making the sofa convert in to bed. To make the stay comfortable, provide them with storage space, this can help them to unpack their luggage.

Lighting for the guest room: It is a good idea of having light switches beside the bed so that your guest won’t have to switch on the lights. Make sure to brighten the room with enough light to avoid room looking dull and dark. Installing lamps on both the sides of the bed can make bedtime reading more comfortable for the guest.

Artwork for the guest room: Keeping photos that could enhance the look of the guest room. For this, opting for natural items like black and white pictures, botanical prints for guest room wall art are a few options. You can also place mirrors in the room as a decorative feature.

Curtains for guest room: Give a style to your guest room window, it will be a good impression on your guest. Curtains play an important role in enhancing the look of the room. There are various designs, colors and patterns available to you. Select the one that is attractive, easily maintained and matches with the theme of the room. Place the curtain rods higher than the windows which can give you a feel of space. Valance pattern for curtains can be an ideal choice for guest bed room, which gives an inviting feel to the guest.

With the above ideas on decorating your guest room, you can make sure that your guest are comfortable as long as they stay there.

Tips on Hiring a Home Inspector

In residential real estate transactions, home inspections are unheard of a few years ago. Instead of a home inspection, buyers simply relied on the representations of real estate agent of the seller and the buyers own impressions of the home. Today, the process is different. Most real estate purchase contracts are given the buyers reasonably broad rights for one or more professional inspections of the house before the purchasing process complete. It comes with the challenge of hiring the competent and diligent inspectors. Finding the right person is not easy. This is because in most states, with a flashlight and an official looking checklist anyone set up a shop as a home inspector.

  • License: In some states, a house inspector license is must. They have to show it to clients when they ask. Some states the license is not regulated. Look for a licensed home inspector as those are recommended by the government. If you have any doubts about the license of that inspector, just check in your state government website for the details.
  • Qualification: Ask open ended, and straight questions about the inspector’s experience and training as it relates to home inspections. The home inspector should have undergone training in building maintenance standards, and construction. In home inspection business, they need to have a track record. Based on the age and location of the house, you need to hire an inspector who is qualified to deal with lead based paint, asbestos or other potentially hazardous substances. You may also need to hire a structural engineer or geologist.
  • Ask for sample report: Ask the inspector to provide a sample inspection report or checklist. Check the report, whether the information explained and presented in the report is clear and complete, whether the report highlights any problem that are potential hazard.
  • Knowledge of the building code: Ask the inspector whether they understand the state’s building code. It is generally changing. Old houses have old code and the new houses are applicable for the new code.
  • Memberships: Many good inspectors do not belong to a state or a national association of home inspectors even though all else is fine. If the inspector has an association membership, it is a plus. This is because these groups provide their members with certification programs and training. These will have up to date information about inspection standards and industry practices.
  • References: Check for references about the inspector. Directly ask him at least three recent clients for reference or try within your known group or check in the better business bureau for any complaints against the inspector.

Even the most experienced inspector may commit mistakes while they are inspecting, because they are also human beings. Ask them what the company policy is in such cases. (more…)

Common Mistakes While Choosing a Realtor

Most sellers start the process of selling their home after they select a realtor. Some of them have had bad experience with their realtors. Either they make the transaction with lack of satisfaction or looking for a new better realtor. In either case, they are loosing money and the valuable time. Now we will discuss the common mistakes those are making by the sellers.

  • Friends and family members: To establish professional credentials, friendship alone is not enough. If they are really well in the profession, you can choose. When selecting an agent, use the tough standards just like you would do in case of an accountant to handle your taxes, or a doctor, or an attorney. A true friend or a family member will understand and appreciate as this is a business decision. They compete for listing and will offer their credentials. If there is a challenge or problem develops during the process, you risk damaging family relationship or friendship.
  • Commission: You will get for what you pay. You will often get a sign in the front yard and placement by paying a cut rate commission in the Multiple Listing Service, but from agent little additional effort. The real estate companies and the real estate agents invest their own funds to advertise and market your home. Advertising and marketing costs money. If the commission is lower, it is less incentive for the agent or the company to put up their own money to market your home. Incentives play a prominent role in sales. When there are any challenges in case of a full service agent who is earning full commission may often drop everything, a small commission does not have such incentive. In any case, negotiating skill is very important while dealing with an agent.
  • Agent presentation: Some real estate agents can give an excellent presentation to you. It is not good to go just by that presentation. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each. If you taken any decision instantly, it is difficult to correct later.
  • Neglecting references: A snap judgment is not good enough to choose an agent. You need to determine if the agent is competent. Do not neglect the references to determine the agent’s competence. Check for the recent customer references. Ask them and find out how their experience with concern agent in selling their homes. Also check for the experience of that agent.
  • Previous records of agents: There are some agents, they will sell all or majority part of their listings in the previous year(s). The quantity they are selling may be good but you must need to check for the quality as well. Find out the listings they did not sell, how much price reduced before they sold, the time period that the house in the market, whether the process handled by them is smooth, the agents availability for problems or questions on when arose.

The best practice to avoid the mistakes while choosing a real estate agent is consider the best reviews and analyze or research a little depth about the accuracy of those reviews.