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Importance Of SEO for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a marketing technique by which number of visitors to a website increases in order to obtain a high rank in the search result page of search engines. Small businesses avail many advantages from SEO, thus a better decision in investing in search engine marketing. In this article, we will discuss briefly the importance of SEO for small businesses.

Importance of SEO for small businesses
Following will help you understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for your business.

1) Finds new customers and helps in growth of the business: A business that has a website grows twice the time of the business that has no website. SEO helps you in gaining better ranks in search engine page, thus attracting more visitors and customers.

2) New markets are explored: If SEO campaign is successfully done, it will help you in finding new markets and exploring new economies. This can get your website huge crowd of people, thus improving the performance of SEO.

3) Awareness of brand through better rankings: One of the implications of SEO is brand awareness. Most users likes to trust brand appearing in the first place when they try to search for a term instead of the brands which don’t have a good web presence. Small businesses that require building brand awareness should invest in SEO in order to obtain top position for the term relating to their business. Thus SEO plays an important role to build or to destroy a brand.

4) SEO is a good social media: High ranking web page will also help in gaining social media exposure. For SEO purposes, social media popularity is good. SEO helps in bringing social media more visible.

5) Makes your business open 24×7: A business with SEO that gets big number of visitors because it works 24 hours a day. It is, therefore, a better idea of investing some time and money for getting your website on top position of search engine page results and attract new customers even when your business is closed.

6) Helps in achieving better conversion rates: SEO is faster and easier to use and has compatibility with mobile and tablet devices. This helps in achieving better conversions ; people who visit the website become customers or loyal visitors.

7) Staying up-to-date: As SEO is a continuous activity, it will give you advice that are necessary and you will not miss any opportunity that comes your way.

8) Bypass competition: If the two businesses are are selling the same products and at similar prices, but one of them has SEO and the other has web presence that is non optimized, which company do you think is growing faster with success ? Obviously the company that has SEO. If a business is not doing SEO, it is likely that they are going to be eased out from the industry unless they undertake a good SEO strategy.

Tips to Win Professional Malpractice Case

Legal malpractice happens when a lawyer hired by a client does something negligent or intentionally take harmful that causes injury to the client. The client may bring a civil attorney against their attorney, and if any criminal activity was involved like theft then criminal charges may also apply. Moreover, the client can also report the attorney to the state licensing and discipline board. Case of legal malpractices is somewhat difficult to win, unless there is an obvious fraud or negligence.

Here are some tips that will help you prove and win the malpractice case.

  • Hire a legal malpractice attorney: You will need a good attorney in order to win a legal malpractice case. Find a lawyer who will not charge you a retainer. Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means that they will not charge you unless you win the case.
  • Proving that the attorney was negligent in representing you: You will be required to prove that the legal standards of care were not met. Demonstrate what your lawyer did not or did to meet the standard of care, which includes the failure to meet the court deadlines, misuse of money, failure to resolve the conflicts and improper withdrawal of the representation.
  • Demonstrating how negligence harmed you: You must be able to prove how your attorney’s actions injured you. For proving attorney’s negligence, link your prison sentence or any other prosecution. For instance, if you were on trial for murder and your attorney failed to object to the murder weapon introduced in evidence when he/she had grounds to, you can demonstrate that you were found guilty because of legal malpractice.

Moreover, you can prove financial loss due to your lawyer’s negligence. For instance, you can provide judgments or monetary/property records you suffered loss due to legal malpractice.

  • Be specific when establishing the extent of injury that was caused: You need to point to the extent of injury, be specific. You will be required to present the amount of time, money or property that you have lost and also you need to prove that the injury would not have occurred if your lawyer would not have acted negligently.

If you have trouble finding the lawyer, ask your friends and relatives who have had been though such cases. Make sure that you file your legal proceedings within the statue of limitations which vary by state.

Best Video SEO Practices for Auto Dealerships

The faster Internet enabling the users to stream and view the videos comfortably. It is becoming an advantage in the digital marketing for many including auto industry. In a case study publication from Marketing Sherpa found that the videos attract 200 percent to 300 percent more monthly visitors. This is also helps to increasing the time spend twice as long on website. In this article we will see how to do a good search engine optimization for the videos in your dealership website.

  • Video formats that are Google compatible: For search engine optimization you need to understand how search engines read the data, then your work will become simple. In fact there are many video file formats available at present. But Google can read only a few of them. So make sure that the files are in any of those formats only. The supported file formats by Google are SWF, FLV, RM, RAM, RA, AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, M4V, MPEG, and MPG.
  • Naming your video file: Make sure that the video file that you upload has name describing what exactly is in the video. Just save the video with contextual keywords and appropriate title. Also, make sure that it is relevant to the content of the article in that web page.
  • Keywords: Embed the keyword in video meta description, tags and title, these should help search engines understand what content of video is. The video title should show the keywords that the users are searching for, and align with video’s content. If you are not sure about it, use keyword tools to see what phrases and words people are searching to find your website.
  • Video host limits: Hosting many videos on a single page is not a good practice, make sure to limit to one video per page. If you put an entire page as video archive, it helps like a library for reference purposes, but for a search engine it is only a good idea only when all the videos are about the same topic.
  • Sharing: Enable sharing with specific anchor text and embedding. Social media sharing plays plays an important role in search engine results pages rankings for specific keyword phrase. The more shares give the better rankings. If video embedded by the more people, in their share it on social media or blog posts, the more search engines prefer your content and website. The embedding is available on the most video hosting services and websites.

Create a video sitemap and submit it to the Google webmaster. It helps you to indexed by the Google to your video.

If you don’t have videos on your dealership website, just take a model from your selling brands, and capture some important parts of the vehicles, new and unique features in the model, then explain about them. It is not a big deal for a automobile salesperson because it is just like to say to a customers.

Link Building Strategy for Auto Dealerships

Auto dealership owners might have heard about link building, but don’t know ‘how to do it for their dealership website. It looks like a simple question, but the answer is complex. In terms of search engine optimization link building is the process of obtaining a backlink from one web page, and pointing it to another web page. Search engines such as Google look at those links to rank a web page. In this article first we see the basics of link building and then the strategies.

  • Basics to know about link building: The relationship between link building and search engine optimization is complex. But here is a quick summary every auto dealership owner or internet marketing person should know.
    • In general link building is good: Try to build as many links as you can from reputable sources. This is because each link is like a vote of confidence for the search engines.
    • All links are not equal that you have: A tweet not worth is same as a link from a blog or a newspaper. If the source of the link is trustworthy, the link from it is more trustworthy to the dealership website.
    • Bad links: Some links could be bad. If links are from foreign domains, or from the websites that have nothing to do with, and contains objectionable content will not help. Do not buy links from other websites. Such links damage your reputation and trust of your customers. Buying links is violation of Google user agreement. In case, Google catch your dealership website, you have to pay a lot, which might come in the form of the search engine’s penalty for your website.
  • Strategies: Once you understand the basic concept of link building, the first step to creating a link building strategy for your auto dealership is to understand your assets for link building. There are multiple ways of earning links, but below are three strategies every auto dealership can use.
    • First Strategy – Relationships: Find websites that can link to your dealership website. This can be any organization that you work with or any local business like a local florist that delivers flowers to your front desk, parts supplier, or a body shop. Also, find out if there is anyone who mentioned about your business online and that is not linking to your dealership website. You can make a search for mentions of your dealership brand by inserting the keywords search parameters in Google search: “Dealership Brand Name”
    • Second Strategy – Onsite content: The blog is helps your website get links to the website. If you have links in any other credible source will be a good thing to get the traffic. For example, you are giving scholarship of some amount to a local school or college with the name of your dealership, you could generate the links from different places like scholarship directory websites, local bloggers, local chamber of commerce, city websites, universities and local high schools.
    • Third Strategy – People: In guest blogging opportunity, leverage the experience of your staff. Conduct seminars with your mechanic on his well experienced way or other people about he running of an auto dealership.

Link building is one of the biggest challenges that most auto dealership websites face. Only creative and a planned strategy can help an owner create links that can help their dealership website see higher rankings, then more visits and finally into conversions.

Things to Know before Purchasing a Medical Equipment Online

Purchasing medical equipment on a large scale is generally done by medical practitioners, distributors of medical equipment, etc. As technology is growing, flexibility is also increasing. Today most medical equipment are purchased online, especially in developed countries like US.

Online purchasing has many advantages – it saves time, traveling expenses, provides information about products and gives wide range of choices for each equipment.

If you are new to online purchasing, this article will help you in considering a few things before making the purchase.

Cost of the equipment – Visit websites of different distributors and check the price of the equipment you are looking for. Compare the prices of each distributor and at the same time see the quality of the equipment. Choose a price that best fits your budget.

Insurance cover – Check whether the equipment has any insurance benefits or not. Generally home medical equipment have insurance cover. See whether insurance cover is justifying the cost of equipment. Does the cover replace equipment damages?

Quality of the equipment – Testing the equipment online is not possible, but by having information about the supplier and his services, you can know the quality of the product. Before buying it, consult a doctor and people who have regular contact with distributors, so that you can differentiate low quality and high quality products.

Credibility of the website – Check the suppliers’ website, and see if the website if giving all the information that is required about the equipment and based on the information provided you can figure out whether to buy or no.

Licensed vendor – The supplier should be a licensed vendor. You can also check online public records and see whether the supplier is registered and certified by Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Services provided – Make an inquiry about their services. He should take the responsibility to provide service whenever there is a need. He should be available at any point of service requirement.

How well the dealer knows about equipment – By having a look at the products and the information given about the products, you can assess if the supplier has enough knowledge about the equipment.

Geographical area covered by services – Make sure you choose online distributor of your local area, if you are purchasing equipment that is very far from your place, it may have drawbacks like more cost added to the equipment, traveling and delivery charges, tax and also time consuming leading to delay in delivery.

Make sure you check for these things just discussed, so that you will not repent on your online buying decision. (more…)