Best Video SEO Practices for Auto Dealerships

The faster Internet enabling the users to stream and view the videos comfortably. It is becoming an advantage in the digital marketing for many including auto industry. In a case study publication from Marketing Sherpa found that the videos attract 200 percent to 300 percent more monthly visitors. This is also helps to increasing the time spend twice as long on website. In this article we will see how to do a good search engine optimization for the videos in your dealership website.

  • Video formats that are Google compatible: For search engine optimization you need to understand how search engines read the data, then your work will become simple. In fact there are many video file formats available at present. But Google can read only a few of them. So make sure that the files are in any of those formats only. The supported file formats by Google are SWF, FLV, RM, RAM, RA, AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, M4V, MPEG, and MPG.
  • Naming your video file: Make sure that the video file that you upload has name describing what exactly is in the video. Just save the video with contextual keywords and appropriate title. Also, make sure that it is relevant to the content of the article in that web page.
  • Keywords: Embed the keyword in video meta description, tags and title, these should help search engines understand what content of video is. The video title should show the keywords that the users are searching for, and align with video’s content. If you are not sure about it, use keyword tools to see what phrases and words people are searching to find your website.
  • Video host limits: Hosting many videos on a single page is not a good practice, make sure to limit to one video per page. If you put an entire page as video archive, it helps like a library for reference purposes, but for a search engine it is only a good idea only when all the videos are about the same topic.
  • Sharing: Enable sharing with specific anchor text and embedding. Social media sharing plays plays an important role in search engine results pages rankings for specific keyword phrase. The more shares give the better rankings. If video embedded by the more people, in their share it on social media or blog posts, the more search engines prefer your content and website. The embedding is available on the most video hosting services and websites.

Create a video sitemap and submit it to the Google webmaster. It helps you to indexed by the Google to your video.

If you don’t have videos on your dealership website, just take a model from your selling brands, and capture some important parts of the vehicles, new and unique features in the model, then explain about them. It is not a big deal for a automobile salesperson because it is just like to say to a customers.