Link Building Strategy for Auto Dealerships

Auto dealership owners might have heard about link building, but don’t know ‘how to do it for their dealership website. It looks like a simple question, but the answer is complex. In terms of search engine optimization link building is the process of obtaining a backlink from one web page, and pointing it to another web page. Search engines such as Google look at those links to rank a web page. In this article first we see the basics of link building and then the strategies.

  • Basics to know about link building: The relationship between link building and search engine optimization is complex. But here is a quick summary every auto dealership owner or internet marketing person should know.
    • In general link building is good: Try to build as many links as you can from reputable sources. This is because each link is like a vote of confidence for the search engines.
    • All links are not equal that you have: A tweet not worth is same as a link from a blog or a newspaper. If the source of the link is trustworthy, the link from it is more trustworthy to the dealership website.
    • Bad links: Some links could be bad. If links are from foreign domains, or from the websites that have nothing to do with, and contains objectionable content will not help. Do not buy links from other websites. Such links damage your reputation and trust of your customers. Buying links is violation of Google user agreement. In case, Google catch your dealership website, you have to pay a lot, which might come in the form of the search engine’s penalty for your website.
  • Strategies: Once you understand the basic concept of link building, the first step to creating a link building strategy for your auto dealership is to understand your assets for link building. There are multiple ways of earning links, but below are three strategies every auto dealership can use.
    • First Strategy – Relationships: Find websites that can link to your dealership website. This can be any organization that you work with or any local business like a local florist that delivers flowers to your front desk, parts supplier, or a body shop. Also, find out if there is anyone who mentioned about your business online and that is not linking to your dealership website. You can make a search for mentions of your dealership brand by inserting the keywords search parameters in Google search: “Dealership Brand Name”
    • Second Strategy – Onsite content: The blog is helps your website get links to the website. If you have links in any other credible source will be a good thing to get the traffic. For example, you are giving scholarship of some amount to a local school or college with the name of your dealership, you could generate the links from different places like scholarship directory websites, local bloggers, local chamber of commerce, city websites, universities and local high schools.
    • Third Strategy – People: In guest blogging opportunity, leverage the experience of your staff. Conduct seminars with your mechanic on his well experienced way or other people about he running of an auto dealership.

Link building is one of the biggest challenges that most auto dealership websites face. Only creative and a planned strategy can help an owner create links that can help their dealership website see higher rankings, then more visits and finally into conversions.