Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Communication Technology

Modern automobiles are being equipped with new technologies. The vehicle to infrastructure communication technology is one of the new developments in the field of intelligent transportation system. The vehicle to infrastructure communication system is used for the safety. The v2i communication system uses wireless technology.

Through the exchange of safety and operational data between the vehicle and the surrounding infrastructure to avoid accidents. It also enables a wide range of safety benefits.

The v2i communication system uses SPAT software to send information to the vehicle.
Wireless access points are arrange on the sides of the road to exchange information.

How vehicle to infrastructure communication system works
The v2i communication system works with wireless technology. To exchange the information between the vehicle and the infrastructure for safety of vehicle. Through roadside access points the data is transferred in both ways.

The vehicles are equipped with data exchange gadgets and roadside access units (RAU) are equipped on the sides of the road. The RAUs are connected to a back end infrastructure. Whenever traffic jam occurs the information is sent to the vehicle way before it reaches there and show the another direction through GPS technology. it also used to broadcast information from vehicle to vehicle through information application server.

Once the RAU’S are installed and they work efficiently. The RAUs installed in such a way that if the coverage range another RAU’S is installed connectivity will not break.

The RAU transmits the invite message to all the vehicles within the coverage range of every RUS. In each vehicle, a device is installed to receive invitation signals. This is device is know as OBU (On Board Units). Once the vehicle is pass through the range of the RAU it stops signaling and send the information to the next RAU and also send the information to the vehicle.

First, the RAU checks whether the vehicles are going in the correct direction or not if it is going in wrong direction it send the information to vehicle through message. It also monitors the speed of the vehicle until it pass through its range.

The RAU also sends the signal messages warning that work in progress a head. The warning signals are sent to vehicle when it is at a distance. It sends the message to go slow or to take another direction. If the vehicle OBU sends the message preferring another direction, so does the RAU.

It also sends signal messages from vehicle to vehicle for avoiding crash. This is how the vehicle to infrastructure communication system works. It is one of the most efficient technologies used in in modern automobiles today.

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