Importance of Mobile Optimized Websites for Auto Dealerships

ad servingToday, most people are browsing the Internet on their smartphones such as Android or iPhone anywhere – home, public places, etc. According to Pew Research Center report, twenty percent of Americans access mobile Internet each day and the number is on the rise. According to ComScore, there are 73 million Americans accessed the Internet via a mobile browser in 2010, which is an increase of 31% over the previous year. In order to covert this into a business opportunity, more and more automobile dealerships are making their websites mobile optimized.

  • Improved user experience: The mobile websites are specifically designed for the mobile phones, smartphones and other handheld devices. It makes no need to browse a desktop website on their devices. The research on a mobile website shows that the optimized websites significantly improve mobile site user satisfaction and experience. Which makes a positive impression on the automobile dealership when it counts.
  • Cost effective and more flexible than mobile application: Making an application for the automobile dealership is expensive. When a dealer decides to make an app for their business, it needs to develop for each platform of the phones like Android, Apple, Blackberry, etc. Then they have to submit them in each app store. The maintenance for the app is also high. When it comes to a mobile optimized website, only a website will be created for the mobiles. The users can browse the complete website through their mobile web browser without install any new application.
  • Faster download speed: Mobile websites are designed more specifically for optimal performance with limited data. They help load or download the website quickly in the mobile web browser. The mobile phones Internet is slow and the has less capacity in resources to browse the Internet than a computer. So when the customer is browsing a standard website in his phone, it will take a lot of time. In case of mobile optimized website this problem is reduced.
  • Brand identity: Having up to date changes as per the new trends in the market, which is followed by the majority of the customers will help to grab their attention quickly and gives a brand identity. A mobile optimized website helps to presents a positive and stand out, contemporary brand identity for the auto dealership among others.
  • Competitive advantage: Having a mobile optimized website helps to stand on the competitive environment among other auto dealerships. If the website is not compatible for the mobile phone or smartphone, the user can try for another one. So here you lose a customer.

When a mobile phone or smartphone scanned a printed QR code, translate it into an electronic messaging such as SMS message or an email address, or a website URL. These codes are using in Japanese and European advertisements for years and now it is getting increase in usage in United States. It gives the chance to print on bills, paper advertisements, posters and other printed sources available to customer and can quickly access with their smartphone.