Benefits of Diesel Engine

With rise in price of petrol, demand for diesel engine is getting higher. Automobiles with diesel engine gives high mileage, thus makes an obvious choice for many people. In this article, we will discuss about the benefits of diesel engine in cars.

Benefits of Diesel Engine

One can benefit from Diesel engine in following ways:

  • Fuel economy: Cars with diesel engine have better fuel economy than other vehicles, as diesel engine produces more power from less fuel because of high compression rate, thus produces more horse power per liter of fuel.
  • Reliability: Diesel engines are more reliable than gasoline engines. But, nowadays it has become common with gas engines also. People have more trust in diesel engine than fuel.
  • Fewer emissions: The diesel engine car produces fewer emissions because of the compression and the type of fuel ratios it has.
  • Lower maintenance: The working mechanism of diesel engine is different from that of gasoline engines, the former are easier to maintain and also have long lifespan. Major difference between them is the diesel lacks in electronic fuel ignition system. Absence of this, the system eliminates any electric failures, reduces repair costs thus making the engine a reliable one.
  • Lower fire hazard: The probability of getting fire hazard is low if any accident occurs with diesel engine cars.
  • Diesel engine cars last longs: Parts of diesel engine are generally strong than the gas engines. Moreover, diesel fuel has properties that are superior. Thus diesel engines last long when comparing to other fuel engines.
  • Greater torque: The diesel engine design produces greater torque. Torque means ability for puling loads and accelerating, thus diesel torque overcomes other vehicles easily.
  • Lower taxes: A diesel vehicle has lower road tax than other gasoline vehicles because the way road tax laws have changed. The taxing policy is based on CO2 emissions of the vehicle. As diesel engine car has lower emission, it will thus have low taxes.
  • Low end power: Many drivers like the feel of diesel cars when they are accelerated from the stop position. Diesel engine need not require rewed high for better acceleration when comparing to other gas engines. A diesel is considered worth especially for those people who want to be first away from the traffic light.

Thus diesel engines attracts more attention because of its higher efficiency and cost.

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