How to Sell Your Car?

Selling a car seems to be a daunting task and is not easy, as current economic conditions have made it harder. Prices of car drops like anything. There are many things you can do to sell your car quickly and get a better deal. In this article, we will discuss about how to sell your car.

Tips on Selling your Car

1) Gather all the records
To a buyer, nothing will give better assurance, than the list of maintenance record like oil changes, repairs, tires etc. These records provide the buyer with great assurance that you were the great care taker of the car.

2) Getting your car ready for sale
Making your car ready for sale is essential, if you want it to sell quickly and at best price. Clean the car thoroughly and if required repair your car and check with the mechanic. See that your car looks attractive before a potential buyer sees it.

3) Making your pricing strategy
Now you need to set the price for the car depending on how old your car is or how it was used. It should also leave you a room to negotiate. Start about 10 – 15 % higher than what you think your car is worth. If your car is not being sold in couple of weeks’ time, drop some price of the car.

4) Advertising
Many options are available for advertising your car, like newspaper, automotive tabloid; car selling websites and local add circulars. Moreover, you can put sale sign on the vehicle. However, nowadays, Internet is driving automobile industry. It is good idea of advertising your car on car selling websites as by doing so you are able to attract large number of people.

5) Make official meeting with the buyer
When the time comes for meeting a person who wants to buy your car, meet in a public place. The meeting should not be casual. Meet at public places where there are video cameras and the people you are familiar with. This will allow you to present well which is important for any buyer. So, pick a right place and also consider taking a friend along with you.

6) Stick to your plan
Show all the records of the car, license and test drive. Ask some basic questions to the buyer like what is their job, where they live, why they want to buy a used car. In addition, when the buyer wants to test drive, go along with him. Do remember that you still not have sold it the person so, he is just allowed to test drive it and not to abuse it. Until the car is completely sold, it belongs to you.

7) Carefully complete the paper work
Always you should keep a separate note on the buyer’s name and address. Moreover, you should inform the insurance company that you have sold the car. Once the money is exchanged for car, write a receipt for yourself and the buyer.