Tips on Effective email Marketing for Auto Dealerships

Email is a form of personal communication with the recipients. Email marketing is a direct marketing in the form of commercial messages of auto dealerships to a group of people who use email. In a broad sense, every email sent to a current or potential customer could be considered as a piece of email marketing. It usually involves sending email for solicit sales, request business, or ads. It is to build brand awareness, trust, and to build loyalty. We will discuss tips for the auto dealerships for effective email marketing.

  • Segmenting: Segmenting plays a vital role in email marketing to target potential customers effectively. Having a big list of customer email database does not mean you should send email to everyone. For example there are some customers who come at regular intervals for oil changing and any other maintenance. Segment them in a separate list. Send at that specific intervals an email, it will be a reminder to them. This way, make segments for each type of customers. This make it easy to target.
  • Make it personal: People like to see their name in writing and will see the name to know about who sent it to him. Craft the customers in a way that your email is sent to them personally and not to the mass. Making it one to one it gives the personal feel. First greet the customer. Then, insert a well written email body text. Leave a goodbye message for your customer. At the end, add the two line signature line. It contains first and last name and the your title. In the rest of the space, insert your dealership’s website, social links, phone numbers, address, etc.
  • Quality than quantity: Emails are very important, you should need to care them as precious items. When you are sending an email to the customer, it is important that the email has a clear call to action, contains proper grammar, and looks good. It sounds easy, but in practice it is difficult. Take a look at the good emails from big companies and other beautifully designed emails. Take the best parts from them, how they are sending, how is the content, how they are targeting the customers, etc.
  • Tracking: You need to track the phone numbers that you are including in your emails. Otherwise, you never know the effectiveness of your emails. If you already have a tracking system, analyze them. If not try to use the tools. One the tool is Google URL Builder to code every link you send out. When the link is clicked, Google Analytics will capture that information for you.

Keep on learning about the new techniques, knowing about the concepts like not to get your emails into SPAM will helpful to get more return on investment for the email marketing strategy.