What is Automatic Transmission in Cars ?

Automatic transmission is a sort of transmission that does not need a gear to be shifted manually. These cars do not have clutch pedals and you need no shifting of gear. Once the transmission of automatic car is put in to the driving mode, nothing else is required to be done as everything is automatic.

Benefits Of Automatic Transmission In Cars
Following are some benefits of automatic transmission:

  • One of the reason why automatic transmissions are mostly preferred is that they are easy to drive.
  • No need to coordinate clutch and gear thus there is less distraction when driving.
  • As there is no clutch and gear shifts, it makes driving enjoyable and less stressful.
  • More time is available for you to concentrate on road.
  • As these cars are easy to drive, not much time is required to learn driving.
  • Automatic cars holds more value and can be resold quickly as they are in demand.

How are automatic cars different from manual cars?
Automatic cars are little expensive and are not fuel efficient when comparing with manual cars. Maintenance cost of automatic cars is higher than manual cars thereby making breakdown cost much higher. As the driver is not worried about the coordination of clutch and gear, automatic cars makes driving easy and comfortable. Moreover it makes driving convenient in heavy traffic whereas manual cars requires clutch and gear to be coordinated.

You need not be a good skilled to drive an automatic car as it is easy to learn and drive whereas more skills are needed to drive a manual car – you need to have good coordination between clutch and gear thus more time is taken to become habituated in driving a manual car smoothly. When compared, manual cars are more sportive as the option of shifting of gear lies with the driver whereas the driver will not be free to choose the any other option when changing the speed.

Myths and facts
Automatic cars are sold less than manual cars because there are some common myths about the automatic cars which led to poor choice for people.
Following are the common myths about the automatic cars :

  • Myth : Automatic cars are not fuel efficient.
  • Fact : It is true that in automatic cars there is a wastage of fuel in the initial stage until the car picks up builds. But now a days there are automatic cars that are more fuel efficient than the manual cars. The reason is the advanced technology that is used for making automatic cars, it has six speed when comparing with manual car thereby making the automatic transmission more fuel efficient.
  • Myth : Automatic cars are not fun to drive.
  • Fact : It is somewhat agreeable as there is no clutch and gear shifts in automatic cars, it goes on in the same rhythm. But for newer generations prefer these cars as there is not much work for your left foot because of absence of the clutch. There are many automatic cars with paddle shift mode allowing you to play racing, boy racer
  • Myth : Automatic cars are more expensive to maintain.
  • Fact : This is one of the most common myths that resticts the buyer to buy these cars. The fact is that the huge maintenance cost for manual cars for replacing clutch that will be equal to the maintenance cost of the manual car. Also a manual car needs change of oil every 20,000 kmts whereas for automatic cars the relevant distance is 50,000 kms.

Now that you read about automatic transmission car, you need to decide the car to purchase accroding to the budget.