Different Types of Automotive Paints

Today there are different types of automotive paints available. Workers’ safety regulations and environmental concerns make sure automotive paint industry stays away from solvent based paints such as individual paint products. In this article, will discuss different types of automotive paints.

    • Lacquer based: Lacquer based paints are thin bodied and fast drying in nature because these paints flow well. They protect the car from harsh road chemicals and offer resistance to ultraviolet light from the sun.

A combination of lacquer based paint and acrylic urethane point gives a longer lasting protection.

    • Enamel paints: These are the oldest paints. Enamel paints dry more slowly than the lacquer based paint products. This is because of this that these paints are used to pick up the imperfections like lint or dust. When the work area does not have feature of a filtered air supply.

Applying heavier amounts of enamel paints is more difficult, and it can create an orange peel effect as they dry. However, these heavier bodied carriers provide superior performance. These are available in a variety of styles. Enamel paints are more durable.

  • Urethane paints: Urethane paints are now considered standard as industry standard paints. These are more useful for beginners, and are easier to apply when compared to lacquer based and enamel based paints. Heavy body urethane paints are more longer lasting and durable than enamel based or lacquer based paints. These are also applied at high temperature places like engine parts. A catalyst is added to the paint to speed up the drying process. Urethane paints are expensive.
  • Water based paints: Manufacturers and repairers are most commonly using water based paints or waterborne paints. These are environmentally friendly paints. Water based paints are the newest entry into the paint field. These are easy to produce a smooth finish as well as use. The availability of the colors in water paints are very limited because of recent entry. The color coat is water based, but still needs to a two pack type clear or lacquer coating or urethane to protect it.

Automotive paints are classified into a number of unique categories and classifications. These are undercoat, base coat, single stage, mid stage, clear coat, etc. are so classified based on use of the pain. Others are like nitro cellulose paint, two pack or isocyanate paint, etc. So it is difficult exactly these are the auto paints. The paints just discussed are the basic types of paints.

If you are planning to paint your car yourself, it is sensible to use water based paints, if you are not experienced. This is because, water based paints are easy to use. If you want to paint your car outside, consult trained professionals in auto painting for better advice according to your needs and budget.