How to File a Hit and Run Car Accident Claim?

If you have been involved in an accident with ‘hit and run’ you may probably confused on what to do and how to claim for a compensation for loss or injury being caused to you. Such accidents involving hit and run cause more emotional turbulence. Recovering from such accidents can often be a lengthy and frustrating process as the driver generally runs always without leaving any information at the scene.

It is hard to advice on such accidents but it is your responsibility to be prepared before you become a victim of hit and run accident. Below are things to keep in mind.

Record as much information as you can about the incident: Though it is difficult to note all the details of hit & run driver but it’s helpful if you can describe the model, make, and color and plate number of the vehicle. You can also note down the time and place of the accident and check whether if anyone has witnessed the accident. If possible get their names and contact number. If possible take photos of the damaged car or the accident scene to assist with any liability dispute.

Immediately call police: It will be better if you call the police instead of chasing the hit-and run driver. Even if have some little information about the car or the hit and run driver, contact law enforcement and file an accident report. Because having a police report can make your auto claims process smoother and quicker as they give you an official document to reply upon later.

Claim with your insurer: If the other driver can’t be identified or else if he don’t have enough insurance, you can claim with your insurer for the compensation. But, remember you can do this, only when you have uninsured or under-insured motor insurance coverage.

Thus, you need to be aggressive while driving and recording information so that you can protect yourself from becoming victim of hit and run accident.