Cheap Glow Sticks May Land You in Troubles

Glow sticks are pretty good novelties to make your dinner nights and evening look special and appealing. They have the power to change the whole atmosphere of any night party or event. The availability of glow sticks in assorted colors and sizes made them useful during so many occasions and events. Kids like to play and enjoy with them. They are great pieces for fun and entertainment. There are huge range of products available in the market and people are often confused in choosing the best for them. Moreover, the advent of cheap glow sticks increased the confusion and also landing the people who purchased them in troubles. Lets see the problems faced by the people using cheap glow sticks.

The main thing here is to consider the difference between the cheap quality glow sticks and cheap glow sticks. Cheap quality glows sticks can become cheap glow sticks, but cheap glow sticks never become cheap quality glow sticks. The reason for this is cheap quality glow sticks are often made of cheap quality material and cheap quality chemical. Hence their price becomes cheap automatically. Coming to the cheap glow sticks, due to some reasons like old stock, or festive or seasonal sales the retailers themselves decrease the price of the sticks and hence call them cheap glow sticks. So there is no chance to say that they are lack quality.

Even though the low quality glow sticks are highly cost effective there are chances that these glow sticks could land you in troubles. Firstly, the material of the glow sticks is of low quality. Manufactures tend to use recycled plastic which can leak and break very easily. Since the activation of the glow sticks requires typical bending process, there are huge chances that it may leak or crack at any point of time and can spill the chemical out. Moreover, the chemical in the glow stick is also of the cheap quality and is not safe if accidentally consumed by pets or kids, or when spilled on clothes. Cheap quality glow sticks never glow brightly and for longer durations. Now, its your turn to decide which kind of glow stick to choose.