Problems Caused by Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol, is not only a problem to a person who has it, but also shows adverse effects on socioeconomic factors. It affects both personal and private lives of the persons who abuses it. It is even worse in case of people who get addicted to it. They are ready to do any thing just to have that little thing. They lose many things in their life and never care about the consequences they are going to face in their future. They don’t even bother about the people who depend on them for livelihood. They become very selfish in satisfying their desire of boozing. Let us see in detail; some of the socioeconomic problems caused due to alcohol abuse.

Personal life: The affect of alcohol mainly changes the person’s behavior. The way they handle the relations changes apparently leading to the disturbances in personal life. The affects on partner and the children last for long which may lead to violence and aggressive behavior towards them. Pregnant women who consume alcohol, results in the adverse affects on fetus which causes fetal alcoholic disorders to the delivering babies. Other members of the family may get mental depressions and fear will be developed in them due to behavior of alcoholic abuser.

Work Performance: Alcohol abuse also affects working atmosphere of the person. The person might have some health problems which results in irregularity. Heavy drinking may lead to less productivity. They lose their respect among the colleagues and it may some times lead to unemployment.

Economic problems: It is fine if a person who is wealthy enough drinks alcohol regularly. But it is different in the case of people with low wages and unemployment. Besides, the money they spend for drinking, they also have some other expenses like medical bills and legal expenses. This not only results in his bad health but also causes poverty in some cases.

Violence: The main cause for domestic violence incidents is either abusing husbands or abusing wives. Both will be the victims of the violence. The reason for violence in most of the cases is mainly due to the rude and aggressive behavior of the abuses which the other person don’t like and seriously appose. This results in frequent clashes between the partners and one day may lead to incidents involving violence.

The above factors show that just a little thing of giving away the habit of alcohol may save many things which are valuable and most important to be respectable in the society.