How to Create New Database in Oracle

Creating a new database in Oracle involves creating the information structure required to access the database, creating and initializing control files, and creating new data files. The above said steps can be performed through the Database Configuration Assistant manually or with the help of script.

The following instructions will focus on the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

  • Open the Database Configuration Assistant and the users can double click the DBCA icon under the Start menu. Users who are using operation systems like Unix or Linux should issue the command DBCA at the command line.
  • From the list provided in the system choose the template that most closely matches the database you want to create.
  • Indicate whether you want to include data files in the database definition and click the next button.
  • After clicking next, provide the global database name and the Oracle System ID (SID).
  • Specify the database features. But there is no need to specify the database features if you have included the data files in the step 3. Click Next to go to next page.
  • It also important to specify whether the server is a dedicated server or a shared server.
  • After specifying the database set any installation parameters if required, to create a database.
  • To create a new database in Oracle it is important to specify the data files location.
  • After performing all the above steps perfectly and the last step to create a new database click “Create Database Now.”

By following the above instructions, one can create a new database in oracle.