Common SEO Mistakes

There are mistakes that even experienced Professional SEO experts make it. People choose many different things and do there work differently what comes in their mind are descriptive of their website but the average users may not understand it. The following are the common mistakes most of the SEO’s do.

  • Targeting the wrong keywords
  • Another common mistake is ignoring the Title tag. One of the important places to have a keyword is title tag because it helps in optimization of the site.
  • Flash might be attractive but not to search engines and users. If you really insist that your site is Flash-based and you want search engines to love it, provide an html version.
  • If you have JavaScript menus you can’t do without, you should consider build a sitemap (or putting the links in a noscript tag) so that all your links will be crawlable.
  • If you want to be successful, you need to permanently optimize your site, keep an eye on the competition and – changes in the ranking algorithms of search engines.
  • Concentrating too much on meta tags you cannot except to rank well
  • Using only Images for Headings
  • Many people underestimate how important a good URL is and ignoring them.
  • It is a common delusion that it more backlinks are ALWAYS better and because of this web masters resort to link farms, forums, Spam etc., which ultimately could lead to getting their site banned. In fact, what you need is quality backlinks.
  • Once you focus on your keywords, modify your content and put the keywords wherever it makes sense. It is even better to make them bold or highlight them.

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  1. As a webmaster , I’m glad to see that another individual brought up this topic.

    Many people out there just don’t understand what all is required in our industry, and I think also we are many times not appreciated enough
    or taken for granted. Never the less I’m immensely glad to see that you may feel the same way I do , thanks so much for your blog!

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