Differences Between Professional Liability Insurance and General Liability insurance

Generally, insurance’s main principle and responsibility is protecting a person or business from any kind of risk. That risk can be caused from any natural disaster or theft or damage of property. There is high chance of risk in business. You are responsible to protect the property, employees and people with whom your business is running properly.

These risks are covered by general insurance and your company is protected by this from possible adverse financial situations. Professional field related risks can be covered by professional liability insurance.

These two insurances are like two sides of a coin. A range of different aspects for individuals and groups are covered by many insurances like personal, business, or corporate insurance, insurance packages and providers.

Some of the professionals such as Architects, quantity surveyors, home inspectors, lawyers, physicians and accountants are protected by this professional liability insurance from potential negligence claims which are caused by their clients or patients.

Claims are covered by general liability insurance about bodily injury or other physical injury or property damage. Your business will be protected by this policy from incidents which may happen on your premises or other places where your business is conducted normally.

Finally, the General liability insurance and professional liability insurance are put in different categories depending on the differences between them.