Interview Questions While Choosing a Teen Babysitter

Sometimes, you may select a babysitter, who are not comfortable for your child and cannot be able to handle the behavior of your children. So to avoid these problems, you can ask few questions. By these questions, you can assess the candidates skills in handling the children and analyze a right kind of babysitter for your child. There are few questions which are to be considered while hiring a babysitter for teens, such as:

  • Ask about them about their life and family.
  • Did she work as babysitter, if it is yes, then ask how many kids were handled by her earlier.
  • What is her experience with different ages of children.
  • Did she learn any courses like first aid and other trainings in babysitting trainings? if it is yes, then you ask about certificates of the courses.
  • Ask about her hobbies and how does she use her spare time.
  • Does she smoke, if it is yes how frequently she smokes.
  • Ask about whether her parents agree to work as a babysitter.
  • Ask whether her babysitter job will affect her studies, how she can handle job and studies.
  • Ask some information about her school and grades which she scored. Ask her about her favorite subjects in her studies.
  • Ask her what type of activities of children she love to play with kids.
  • If she has experience, then ask about most difficult situation to handle the child.
  • What is her expectation for her compensation as a babysitter, does she take compensation for hour, weekly, etc.

Generally, teenagers work as a babysitters as a part time job to earn money. The above questions can be asked before hiring a teenage babysitter and find out whether they have the ability and patience to handle your children.