Yoga Benefits And Sports

Asana (yoga posture) practice is the perfect companion to other forms of exercise like running, cycling and strength training. This is because postures consistently operate all the major muscle groups of the back, neck and shoulders, deep abdominal, hip and buttocks muscles and also ankles, feet, wrists and hands. Yoga postures will influence major and minor muscle groups and organs and at the same time import strength, improve flexibility and provide nutrition to internal organs.

Yoga can enhance the ability of person in any sport. Many sports require building muscular strength and stamina regularly in particular areas of the body. Yoga helps in examining any imbalance in muscular development and will make both body and mind to work more efficiently. If sports person body is flexible and supple, then there are less chances for injuries, as joints will be kept smooth.

Skiing requires mental alertness along with good balance. Yoga asanas strengthens muscles, discharges physical tension and improves concentration and balance. Yoga makes limbs stabilized, strong and relaxed.

Golfers have more chances of one-sided or uneven muscle development. Yoga asanas will strengthen weak areas and relieves muscular tension. The standing postures helps in improving balance and muscle flexibility.

Yoga breathing techniques makes swimmers to breathe in an easy way at the time of practice.

For bicyclists, back bends can relax any stiffness generated due to bending over handlebars. As a cyclist’s back remains in one position for prolonged periods, the muscles can become strained. This can be reduced with stretches. Mild stretching exercises also relaxes stiffness in the legs and shoulders.

Racket sports requires extreme physical effort. Yoga practice will help players to relax and refresh their energy after energetic games. It also develops calm, clear thinking, even in situations which requires fast reactions.