Types of Cars Based on Needs

The need to buy a car or a vehicle is different from person to person and from organization to organization. There are many classifications in car types. To buy a car you need to know some types. In this article we discuss the different types of cars.

Small cars: Small cars are the most popular cars in most developed countries. Mostly, the doors for small cars are from two to five. Two to three door cars opening angle are wider because of the wider doors. This facility makes the access to the door easier and comfortable. But while parking if the space is narrow it becomes difficult to open and close the door. If the car has four to five door then it is easy to park and open the doors.

Medium cars: The medium or mid-sized cars are bigger than a compact or small sized cars. In Europe they are referred as D-segment cars. They are often available in hatchback and the doors are similar to small cars. The additional advantages of these cars are, the seat belts can be set further and it is more spacious than small sized cars.

Family cars: These cars are larger than the medium sized cars. The five door saloons have hatchbacks. The four door saloons generally have larger space than the medium cars. The saloons will have more traditional boot and opens the rear window independently.

Estate cars: Estate cars have more bigger hatchback that is fit to carry average to little larger goods. They are longer than the standard vehicles.

Multipurpose vehicles (MPV): Multipurpose vehicles are also called as multi-utility vehicles (MUV), minivans, people carriers and people movers. Multipurpose vehicles have the comfort to seat up to nine people. The MPV car seats are higher with more legroom, headroom and width. Some multipurpose vehicles have large sliding side doors.

Sports utility vehicle (SUV): The sports utility car is similar to the estate car. They are equipped with four wheel drive (4wd) or four by four (4X4). This can provide the ability to drive on road and off road. They have higher ground clearance. Now a days manufacturers are offering two wheel drive with higher ground clearance.

Wheel chair accessible vehicles: These are designed for the people who are in wheel chair. It will provide an access to directly enter the car with a wheel chair.

Based on your requirements choose the car that best fits your needs and budget.