What Are The Effects of drug abuse on driving

When you abuse any drug and drive this will effect on your driving which is very dangerous, because this will slow down your driving ability to coordinate the needed skills on your safe driving and sometimes the result can be deadly. The drugs includes sleeping pills, marijuana, pain killers with codeine, some blood pressure medications, muscle and joint inflammation, nausea, anti allergic medications and fungal infections etc.

When you drive after abusing any drug, you will not only endanger your own life, but also the passenger and other people who are traveling or passing on the road. By this thousands of people killing each year. The most of the drugs will effect negatively on driving skills, specially when you abuse combinations like any drug or alcohol.

It is required you to not to drive when your BAC level is .05 or you should not drive when you affected by any other medications, which may effect on your driving. If in case of the prescribed medications your doctor will inform you the ability of medications that you are taking will effect your driving or not.

Even sometimes when you take combination of drugs like alcohol and some prescribed medications, will also effect and cause problems, because this will exert a combination effect. So it is better to take when the doctor says it is safe, if not it will effect the on your driving and make you to cause dangers.

It is not only effect on driving but also hurts you as well as the people around you which includes families, kids, even the babies who are not even born, because this will effect on your whole body including brain. Sometimes it will get effected for ever.

So it is recommended to not to use drug and don’t risk your like and if so please don’t drive until you feel comfort.