What is Nerve Repositioning Procedure?

The changes in the inferior alveolar nerve are done by the nerve repositioning. This is for providing sensation to the chin or lower lip areas. This procedure is done in prior to dental implants treatment. This may be compulsory to ensure that the nerve won’t be damaged or touched during the actual placement of the dental implants. By this procedure the candidate who needs dental implants but don’t have sufficient jaw bone height or mass to begin with will get benefited.

The procedure for the nerve repositioning is as follows:

  • First, the dentist makes an incision on the patient’s lower jawbone or on the gums of the patient.
  • Then the inferior alveolar nerve is repositioned on the side ways out of its canal very carefully. Then places the implants immediately or it is left for healing. Then the dental implants will securely screw into the lower jaw bone with carefully. Then the dental implant is provided with for more support by the placement of the irradiated bone around it.
  • Then surgical pad or the collatape is placed between the dental implant and the inferior alveolar nerve which provides necessary cushioning and additional support to the nerve.
  • The procedure will be completed by providing the addition of more irradiated bone to the dental implant to provide even more support. Then it needs two or more months to healing time which is to ensure that the proper integration with the surrounding tissues that has been completed.
  • Then the dental crowns and the dental bridges have been fixed to the dental implant after the healing time is completed.

All this constitutes the procedure for nerve repositioning.