Does Everyone Need Vitamin Supplements?

Every one needs vitamins in small amounts, and every one can obtain them from their daily diet. Taking fresh vegetables and fruits in several sittings will provide you healthy and nutritious life. Taking a multivitamin daily is harmless, but it is also not useful if you are healthy and if you don’t require them.

Who need these vitamin supplements? People who need more vitamins than they require, people whose bodies can’t absorb vitamins through their diets. These people may need vitamin supplements and the people who are under this category are:

  • Pregnant women generally need more vitamins than usually.
  • Lactating mothers or feeding mothers: these women require more vitamins as they feed their child continuously and they will be in need of more vitamins.
  • Growing children, the children below five years need more vitamins, but they will not eat all types of varied foods which leads to deficiency of certain vitamins.
  • Teenagers, who are very busy in their schedules will not find time to eat proper diet.
  • People who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol etc.
  • People who have digestive problems can’t obtain or absorb vitamins from their diets.
  • Some people who are having seizures also can’t absorb vitamins from their diet.

To these people, vitamin supplements are provided by the doctor in recommended doses and vitamin supplements vary from one person to another. Like for pregnant woman, vitamin B9 or Folic acid is essential, for children vitamin B or C or D is essential, for memory problems vitamin B or C is essential, for smokers vitamins B and C are required, for vegetarians, vitamin B12 is required as they don’t eat non-vegetarian food.

Any vitamin it may be, but it should not be consumed in excess or it should not be consumed without the prescription of the doctor. Because it may do harm rather than good.