What is Server Monitoring Service?

ad server solutionsEvery company wants a perfect website or a server for their business because this website represents the guarantee of quality and trademark of their business in the World Wide Web. So, many companies take interest in competent design, content and good paid hosting. So many companies spend on these elements because more users attracts towards their website which can increase their sales which in turn results business revenues.

Once the website is designed and done, website or server owners don’t even think about update of the information in their websites even though they are aware of the need to update of the information and link so on. If all these updates not done by website owners, then it is an unreliable. Unreliable service will drive away the users to other websites because they are not getting the information what they want.

We all know that internet has a very complex structure like a pyramid:

  • Network- on the Internet, your website is located somewhere in a particular computer and connects to other computers including visitors via a network.
  • Hardware server- It is exactly that particular computer where your website is shown.
  • Software server- It is a computer program running on a hardware server accepting visitors’ requests and giving away content, there are many servers and the most popular is web server, however you may be heard of FTP server, SSH server, MAIL server, TELNET server and so on.
  • Application- Your unique content like website, blog, service, photo gallery, files and the things you want to share to the visitors.

If any failure happens at any of the above levels, then visitors will not get any content or get it broken. So, you need to know, where the failures are occurred otherwise you lose visitors, customers and money.

However, we all know that it is impossible to run failure free service due to a nature of internet and the technology complexity. But it is possible to get notified if something is wrong and fix it as soon as possible. So, all companies want to monitor their network and hardware. Most data centers monitor and provide 100% or close up-time. But they monitor network and low-level hardware only. And the remaining thing relies on you. It is your job to make sure your web server is up and returns no errors. So, this complex job can be delegated to a third-party server monitoring services.

Server monitoring services are intended to test targets (web servers, file servers, mail servers and so on) from the different parts of the world providing website owners with instant alerts on failures. These services monitor almost all types of servers and send out notification messages by email, SMS, instant messaging, RSS and even a phone call.