All you Need to Consider While Purchasing a Smart Phone

Smart phones are the third generation mobile phones which have many advanced features than the second generation. These smart phones have all the features which can fulfill all the requirements of the customers and these are more expensive than a cell phone. Every individual pays high amounts of money to buy the smart phone. Here are few things which you need to check before purchasing a smart phone.

Touch screen

It is necessary for the smart phone to have a touch screen. There are two types of touch screen in a smart phone. They are resistive and capacitive. Mostly of the companies use resistive, but high mobile companies are using capacitive touch screen. The capacitive touch screen respond for the human touch. And some of the other touch screen technologies available are LCD, LED and OLED.


Display size varies for different types of smart phone. The smart phone display size is between the 2.8 – 3.6. But the experts say that the ideal size is 3.2 – 3.6. Depending up on your need you can choose display size.


QWERTY keypad gives flexibility to type the text. Most of the smart phone companies are giving this type of keypad.

A good processor for a smart phone is like back bone for human being. Without the processor, a smart phone look likes a normal phone. These processor are specially designed for the mobile computing and they are different from the computer processors. Having a faster processor will enable high responsiveness to user actions.


Multitasking capability gives the power to use many applications simultaneously for the user.

Smart phones enables many applications. Applications helps to you to customize your phone and gives many uses out of the cell phone.

Smart phones are very costly and most importantly are equipped with many advanced features, hence it is recommended for the buyers to consider all the above features while buying a smart phone.