Does Computer Software and Hardware Work Separately?

Computer hardware and software are two opposite components which makeup the computers and notebooks. You have to understand the difference between hardware and software, their functions and abilities are different but they work together and allow the users to operate their electric devices.

Software is different to hardware, it includes the programs, procedures and documentation of a computer system. The software has three parts, one is system software which is used to run the computer. Second one is a program software, this used to write the new programs and the final one is application software, it used for the non computer related tasks.

The hardware is also important in computer running. We use many tangible items in the computer makeup, the memory devices (RAM), keyboards, mouse, audio cards and video cards, all connected devices and cables from out side to the mother board and many more. All these tangible items constitute to computer hardware.

Computer hardware and software program work together. Every software program is loaded onto hardware devices only. Now we can get an idea of the importance of hardware and software in computer devices. The hardware devices are important in memory modules, without which the computer cannot store any program and application. The computer software program memory runs onto the hardware device random access memory chips. How much information is stored, how fast the system is working is determined by the system software and stored in the system hardware.

Now we can easily understand, how a computer system works and What are the processes in system running and what is the main relation between software and hardware, both of which are important for the computer system.