Is it Beneficial to Outsource Recruiting Process?

Outsourcing the recruiting process is nothing but entering in to Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO). RPO is an individual body which takes various responsibilities of recruiting/hiring of candidates for different organizations. There are lot many reasons for the companies to outsource this particular department.

The main reason would be to improve the efficiency of finding and presenting the quality candidates. When the organization do not find its existing recruiting staff good and when they do not have the time to hire new people for such responsible positions, then they tend to outsource the process either completely or partially. Another reason might be to reduce expenses and the amount of money they are spending for the salaries by taking outsourcing contracts at lower rates.

Whatever the reason might be, there would be an ever ending question in the organization’s mind that, is it beneficial to outsource such critical departments to the people who they do not know? With this intention some of the companies, tend to outsource only few process in the entire recruiting processes. Like the screening and the written test or something which they think that it is time saving and an easy way to get the candidates filtered. This is one of the best ways, since there is no direct contact with the RPO, and there is no need for the RPO hiring staff to enter the company. If it is the case, when the company wants to outsource entire hiring process, then it becomes a bit complicated for the companies. They need to allow staff from the RPO to discuss with the internal managers about the responsibilities of the positions which are open and they need access to some confidential information. In such cases the company needs to take extra care to observe the RPO staff and to make sure that they are fair enough to believe and hence can confidently outsource the hiring process.

Finally even though the company is completely or partially the hiring process it is best for them to to main consistent communication with the RPO so that they can be able to make it work in a proper way.