Multi-panel Drug Test Kits for Pre-Employment Drug Testing

With the increased use of harmful substances at work places and due to the rise in the work place accidents, conducting drug tests during recruiting processes became mandatory for many organizations. Many companies are using these kind of policies and preventing the recruitment of abusing individuals. This helps them to effectively reduce work place accidents, on job injuries, health insurance claims and above all to maintain healthy work environment. Let us see the benefits of using multi-panel drug test kits during pre-employment drug testing.

Many companies use multi-panel drug test strips and cups in order to detect the drug abusing habit among the candidates who are either at the initial stages or at final stages of recruitment. These kind of drug test kits are helpful to detect drug abuse since they are tested for most popularly used or abused drugs. Multi-panel drug test kits are available in different combinations ranging from 2-12. These 12 drugs cover the maximum drugs which are used mostly and hence they are found to be effective in detecting the drug abuse among the candidates appearing for the interview.

Among all the available models, 5 panel drug test kits are considered to be the most effective and useful since they are designed to detect the drugs which are identified by SAMSHA or NIDA as the most popularly abused drugs. Many people who attend the interviews come from good educational backgrounds and if they are found positive to the drug test, it is for sure that they abuse one among the five popularly used drugs. Those people tend to buy and use mostly available drugs and hence testing them using five panel drug test kits is good for detecting the drug abuse.