Common Travel Phrases in Spanish that Help You While Traveling

Learning basic conversational Spanish lessons will help you while traveling to Spanish speaking countries. It will make your travel comfortable, safe and easy as you are aware of the native language and culture. While planning a travel for the Spanish speaking countries, learning these common travel phrases should also be included in the preparation list.

Learning basic travel phrases in Spanish will help you in to find your way around, book accommodation, ask for directions, to order food and drinks by going through the menu, greet the people you meet, to hire a car, train or bus, etc.

Some of the travel phrases which you need to know in Spanish include

  • Room service
  • Hotel
  • Reservation
  • Is there any vacancies in your hotel?
  • How much does it cost for staying 3 nights/days?
  • I would like to book a single/double bedroom.
  • I want to see the room.

The above are some of the common phrases which help you making your stay convenient in Spanish speaking countries. These phrases can be learned from Spanish tourism websites which provide you these travel phrases and also from Spanish conversational course offered online. These websites have special curriculum to educate people about these travel phrases.