Distracted Car Driving and its Implications

Doing other activities which can distract the individual’s attention from driving, is termed as distracted driving. Activities like eating, texting, attending a phone call, etc. can be the cause for the distracted car driving. As these distractions may directly impact the driving skills of the person, they should completely avoid to ensure safe travel in your car. Following are the consequences one can face if one gets distracted from driving. Just have a look to know the importance of conscious driving.

Implications of distracted car driving

  • According to a study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety and Administration (NHTSA), 80% of the crashes and 65% of the near-crashes do include some or other form of driver’s distraction. They also noticed that the time span between the distraction is just three seconds. From this, we can directly interpret that the main effect of distracted driving is road accidents or crashes.
  • Drunk driving is also a form of distraction that affects the cognitive skills of the person, that is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs directly affects the brain and its functions. The main function of brain is its response to the actions. Alcohol and other illicit drugs affects the brain in such a way that the response time will be abnormal. That is if there is a need to apply break in order to avoid crash, the person who is under the influence of alcohol, will apply it a few minutes later, and thus increases the chances of clash with the opposite vehicle.
  • Younger teens and people who just started driving are more vulnerable to distracted driving as the chances of getting distracted are high in such cases.
  • On a whole, distracted driving may lead to vehicle clashes, fatal accidents, severe injuries to the travelers and may also injuries the pedestrians, by causing accidents to them.

Hence, strictly say NO to distracted driving. You are an expert driver and are used to multi-tasking like driving and texting, driving and talking over the phone, etc. it’s great. But, it may not be the case with the person coming opposite to you. You may handle things well, but he may not. So, it is better to stick to some rules while driving to avoid all such unanticipated things.