Know About Some Special Featured Lenses

Contact lenses are great alternatives for eye glasses which are found quite functional for majority of the people. They have been around for more than 100 years. The belief that everybody cannot wear contact lenses is proven wrong with the innovation various lenses. There are huge varieties of lenses which are designed for special purposes and are found useful in many fields. Let us know about few special featured lenses. .

Colored lenses: These lenses are generally used in pictures and other media to give that dramatic effect to the character. Colored lenses are used to enhance the color of the eyes and also to give different color to the eyes.

Special Effect Lenses: These lenses are also called as theatrical, novelty or costume lens which are used to represent some thing like a cat, a vampire, a ghost, etc. These lenses can completely cover the white portion of the eye in order to make the look more horrible.

Prosthetic lenses: These lenses are actually used for medicinal purposes. They are opaque and soft which are used to cover the eye when any injury or damage happens or after major eye operations. These lenses are customized according to the needs of the wearer and designed to match the appearance of the other eye.

UV inhibiting lenses: These lenses are designed to protect the eyes from the powerful UV radiations which cause cataracts and other eye problems. However, these lenses will not cover the entire eye and hence it is advised to wear UV protection eyeglasses to save the eyes from sun’s ultra violent radiations.

These are the major types of the lenses with special features and there are also few lenses which are designed according to the need and the requirement of the individuals.