Figures and Facts of Online Marketing

The online advertisement is growing because of the effective methods of advertisements. The internet advertisement recorded the revenue of about $7.3 billion for the first quarter in 2011 and represents 23% increase compared to last year. This is the highest quarter revenue ever in online advertisement industry. According to Forrester interactive Advertising model US, Advertising revenue increase to 15% in 2011. Many small businesses are looking forward to spend on digital advertisements.

Online marketing: Online marketing offers marketers to promote their products and services over the internet at low cost and reach the large number of customers and also provide various techniques such as design development such that it will reach the potential customers.

Quick facts:
Is is found that many website users start their search in search engine. Online marketing can achieve good results through search engine optimization and can build their brands and offer services and products. Social networking sites have much web traffic so its easy for the marketer to place an ad and reach the target audience. Various contents involved in the internet marketing involves paid search, display banners, classifieds, Email marketing, rich media, lead generation.

The above are the few facts and figures of online marketing.