It’s Easy to Manage Your Small Lawn

Home owners who are interested in landscaping or gardening but live in urban areas need not get disappointed. Creating a small lawn can fulfill their interests and desires of developing greenery. A small lawn itself includes a very small place with the grass that grows well in your climatic conditions.

Landscaping around a small lawn can make it look elegant. Adding a focal point like a bush or a pot at the far end of the small lawn makes it look larger. You can also include a row of hedges with a garden gate at the far end of the yard which creates an impression that there is another garden over. Feature it with creative decorative ideas to make it beautiful. Though landscaping a smaller lawn is easy it requires some maintenance. However, its maintenance is very much easy and simple. Over-spray should be avoided for a smaller lawn. So, it is better to choose sprinklers with small misting heads. However, if you maintain proper watering methods, then you can even hand-water your lawn.

With a smaller lawn, the far reaching effect of broadcast fertilizer spreaders becomes counterproductive. Liquid applications or even a drop spreader can be sufficient for a small urban lawn. Hand-held spreaders which spread lawn food and grass seed are used for a small lawn. When considering mowing, in place of big and heavy powered mowers or traditional gas-powered mowers, you can use a small electric mower, particularly if the storage is limited. However, apart from these maintenance measures, the cultural practices remain the same for smaller lawns. These practices are undergone on a smaller scale. A soil test, aerating, overseeding and topdressing are required to ensure proper maintenance of smaller lawns.