Different Warning Signs in a Person’s Behavior With Gambling

Different signs are there which indicate that an individual has a problem in his life with gambling. If any one has more signs then there is a chance to have a great problem. Few signs are given below:

  • Continuous thinking or talking about gambling.
  • If any one is spending time or money than he or she can afford on gambling.
  • If any one finds it difficult to control, stop or cut down the gambling or if any feeling of irritation when he or she trying to stop the gambling.
  • If any one feels a sense of emptiness or loss when they are not gambling.
  • If any one gambling more in order to get back losses to come out from financial problem.
  • If any one thinking that one day there will be a ‘big win’ by gambling.
  • In order to get money for gambling if a person is borrowing money, selling things or committing criminal acts.
  • If any one has increased debt, unpaid bills, financial troubles because of their gambling.
  • In order to get feeling of excitement, playing with larger amount of money for longer periods of time.
  • If any person is gambling to escape personal problems to get relief from feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, or other negative emotions in his life.
  • If any one gets irritated or has less patience when dealing with normal and daily activities because of gambling.
  • Criticizing others for their gambling.
  • If arguments are made with friends or family members about money and gambling.
  • Giving preference to gambling and not for family and attending functions or parties in family.
  • Not showing interest to do the work or to go to school because of gambling.

These are the signs of gambling which keep you in trouble in your life. It is better to control gambling.