Things to be Kept in Your Car for Emergency

You may face any type of automobile related emergency while you are traveling, it can be from the trivial spilled beverage to the more serious engine fire or tire blowout. First aid kits, road maps are kept in car by many drivers, because they are helpful in case of emergency.

If you want to go on a long trip or traveling across the country then you should have emergency equipment with you. There are some recommended things to keep in your car while traveling.

  • Auto escape tool: If your car is drenched in water, then this handy gadget has two small steel tips which was designed to break a window with one or two blows. And a sharp blade to cut the seat belts. Some of the models are fluorescent, such models are made more visible in the dark or under murky water. Generally, you can attach this tool to your key chain.
  • Blanket: You use the blanket to cover the hot seats in the month of summer. Otherwise, it can be used for warmth in winter.
  • First aid kit: You should have two kits, one to be reached from the front seat and another one for the back seat. Antiseptic, cleanser and ointments packets, bandages, scissors, tweezers, gauze, instant cold packs, latex gloves and first aid guide, these items should be there in kit.
  • Flashlight: You should have a wind up flashlight, you have to keep on check it’s batteries.
  • Maps: You should have a road map in your car.
  • Jumper cables: You can look for the compact, coiled type, because you can fit them in your bag. You should have basic tool kit, it may help you in case emergency.
  • Snow scraper: If your area has ice or snow conditions then you need to have a small shovel and snow brush.

You can bring pencil and notepad, telephone book, towel, water, warning light, tire pressure gauge, extra batteries, water proof matches in you car. They may help you in emergency.