Reasons Why SMS is Used for Marketing

Mobile technology is one of the fastest growing technology which is mostly used among the different types of marketing technologies. Again when we consider the mobile marketing, mobile marketing done through SMS will play a major role in the field of marketing.

One might be familiar with the concept of SMS as Short message service. Apart from communication with the other cell phones users, this service also provides SMS marketing to be done effectively. So, let us discuss the reasons why SMS is used as the marketing medium for the business.

  • Unlike the emails, SMS service will be done in most of all the cases. When we take the case of emails, mostly about 50% of the messages will get filtered off using spam filters. As the charge will be paid for each and every message, the SMS will be delivered to the recipient compulsorily. Only in the cases like if the phone is switched off and lack of roaming facility or overseas the recipient cannot receive the message.
  • Once there is any indication of a new message to the mobile owner, obviously he/she will read the message. As he is doesn’t have any information regarding the message, he will read it.
  • As the opened SMS will be read within seconds because of the fact that the message is consistent. As soon as the person receives the SMS, he will check the message very quickly.
  • Unlike the email marketing, SMS market has the quick response.
  • As it is cheaper way of communicating unlike other markets, SMS marketing is mostly used.

Because of the above reasons, SMS marketing is mostly used in the cases of mobile marketing.