Difference Between Barcode Scanner And Barcode Verifier

A verifier cannot be considered as a barcode scanner. A scanner is mainly a framed item, which performs machine recognition of the data encoded in a bar code symbol. A scanner is used to read a bar code only guarantees that the scanned bar code has some information on it that can be scanned by that scanner. So, the better the scanner is, the less barcode quality support is maintained.

Whereas a verifier is a precision instrument any typical bar code scanner can read which is fabricated to predict how well the bar code. A barcode verifier must decode, measure and check formatting of even the smaller symbol and illustrate the areas, which are imperfect so that they can be corrected. Barcodes must be verified during or after the printing process. If there are any faulty barcodes, they must be eliminated and reprinted again. Barcodes must be properly checked before getting into the system. Barcode verification is done in between printing process and scanning process. Whereas scanning a barcode is the final process.