How to Ventilate When Using Air Conditioner

Air conditioners help in cooling and dehumidifying the indoor air for thermal comfort. In fact, they refer to cooling, heating, ventilation, and disinfecting systems that condition the indoor air. Most of the people think that they are good ventilators also. But they are not, as they are designed to condition the indoor air only.

Air Conditioners should be supported with other ventilating techniques to make them effective. Here mentioned are some of the practices to enhance ventilation when using an air conditioner.

Window or Split type AC

  • Both window or split type air conditioners should be complemented by exhaust fan with some opened windows or doors to provide adequate fresh air from outside.
  • Some air conditioners may have vent valves within their systems. You can still use exhaust fans with open doors or windows.
  • Run the circulating fan to enhance air movement within the rooms.
  • Check and remove obstructions to the ventilator if any.
  • Clean the air filter of the air conditioning system regularly.

Central Air Conditioning System

  • Ensure that each room is getting sufficient fresh air supply from the air conditioning system.
  • Remove any obstruction to the inlet or outlet of the air conditioning system’s ventilation.
  • Switch on circulating fan to enhance the distribution of air inside the rooms.
  • Regularly clean or replace the air filters.