Statistics Of Drug Abuse At Work Place

According to National Business Group on Health, Employer’s Guide to Workplace Substance Abuse published in 2009, many interesting facts were revealed.

It is astonishing that 75% of Americans using illicit drugs (14.8 million) are employed. This seems to be ridiculous as they are educated, they need to prevent others from taking drugs. It was found that Employees who use illicit drugs are in between the ages of 18 and 25 and are less educated, male, unmarried, white, and low-paid. I feel they are not matured to understand the negative impact of these drugs. Some industries, which have highest rates of illicit drug use, are food service, construction, Arts, entertainment and recreation, retail and transportation. As these industries have less security and no standards of drug testing, employees are more prone to drugs.

A analysis of the economic impact of substance abuse treatment in Ohio revealed that there is notable improvements in job-related performance like 91 percent decrease in absenteeism, 88 percent decrease in issues with supervisors, 93 percent decrease in errors in work, a 97 percent decrease in on-job damages.