Sharks on the verge of extinction

Many species of open ocean shark are under threat. Over fishing is the main cause says, the authors, IUCN’s shark specialist group.

Two species of Hammered shark are said to be endangered. Sharks are very much vulnerable to fishing. They take many years to get matured and to have young ones.

Immediate action should be taken globally to stop fishing. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recognized the threat 10 years back only. However, the improvement and progress to conserve these animals was not so swift or encouraging. The improvements were very little.

Sharks accidentally get caught in nets meant for other fish. They are also being killed to get their meat, teeth and liver oil which has a lot of demand.

The Hammerhead sharks are special because of their fins. They often fall victim to finning. However finning is banned all over the world.

We must all strive to protect these animals, may be one day we might not see sharks anymore.